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Saffron Threads 10g


Moonflowers offers the super negin – which is a long stemmed, deep red, and strongly flavored saffron. Moonflowers premium saffron does not contain orange or yellow threads and does not have crumbs.


Clinical research shows that saffron improves your mood, has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in antioxidants that help your body resist stress. Saffron is known to improve skin complexion.

Saffron flower stigma.

Moonflowers offers the super negin – long stemmed, deep red, and strong fragrance and distinctive color. Our premium quality saffron elevates your recipes and improves your mood.

Saffron, the most precious and expensive spice in the world known for its aroma and medicinal properties. It comes from the flower of Crocus sativus, which is the dried stigmas of this flower. The storage of saffron threads 10g is a point to be taken into consideration, it should be stored in cool, dark and dry places, in an airtight container such as glass or plastic. It is recommended to use saffron strands. Saffron is excellent for flavoring and coloring foods and beverages, cosmetics and more. It also enhances color, flavor, beauty and texture of the variety of dishes as well as it has antioxidant properties. Packaged by a natural alternative afghanistan company, this saffron threads 10g comes from Afghanistan in Asia. It is said to have anti-aging and even antioxidant benefits for your skin, as well as acting as a natural herb for internal treatment and calming. Made by women growers who take pride in their product, these threads are large, so you will only need a small amount to add flavor and color to your dish. Afghanistan Saffron Afghanistan Saffron is an aromatic spice derived from the dried stigma of the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus). Raw saffron has a hay-like aroma and flavor. Once cooked or brewed in liquid, saffron threads 10g release the most iconic of all colors in the world- yellow. Saffron facilitates digestion and may improve mood by way of its traditional use as an herb to support healthy mood balance. It was traditionally used as one of the most expensive cooking ingredients due to its high price. Crocus sativus, commonly known as saffron crocus, or autumn crocus, is a species of flowering plant of the Crocus genus. The vivid crimson stigmas and styles, called threads, are collected and dried to be used mainly as a seasoning and colouring agent in food. Saffron has long been the world's most costly spice by weight.


When you steep the threads in water, it should gradually turn into a deep, golden orange.


Many authorities describe the smell of saffron as sweet, pungent, honey-like


While saffron smells sweet, it has a soft and velvety taste.


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Saffron Threads 10g

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