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International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day we celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. I would like to take this moment to raise awareness on the situation of women in Afghanistan. One that is very close to my heart and the reason why I started Moonflowers Co. 

It’s been 172 days since the Taliban banned girls from returning to secondary school. Millions of girls are waiting for their decision to return to school. Women have been banned from working in most jobs. The Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs has been replaced by the ‘Ministry for the propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice’. Despite many efforts by activists, journalists, the National Resistance Front, the diaspora and the many women who protested, the Taliban continues to uphold their gender and ethnic apartheid regime.

Afghan women rights: how to help afghan women

Women for Women has conducted a survey amongst Afghan women and women's rights organization in which they described their experiences under the new de facto government and set out their hopes for the future. In their own words, Afghan women call for women's rights, inclusion in public life, urgent economic relief, and for the international community to step up in solidarity with them

In support of ​women, it is necessary that we don't forget their struggles. It is important for us to keep speaking up for those who have lost their voices. We will continue our work and advocate for the women in Afghanistan.

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