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How to use saffron in most recipes

Our saffron threads are the super-negin type which means it’s the long-stemmed stigmas of the crocus sativus. When you order our saffron you will receive a tin box with saffron threads. Saffron can be used in a variety of ways in different recipes and meals. While there are many ways to use it, we will share our trick to get the most flavor and color out of your saffron threads.  

Here are the most frequent ways to incorporate saffron into a dish, so you can determine what works best for you.

Grind Saffron Into a Powder

Ground saffron is commonly used in Persian cuisines such as tahdig, a crispy rice dish, and a variety of rice dishes and stews. The easiest way to add saffron to your recipes is to grind the saffron. You will need a mortar and pestle (alternative if the back of a spoon), some kosher salt or sugar.

  1. Take a pinch of saffron, which is about 15 threads, and add it to the mortar.
  2. Before grinding the saffron threads with the mortar and pestle, you may add a pinch of kosher salt or sugar which will act as an abrasive to grind the saffron into a fine powder.
  3. After grinding the saffron with sugar or salt, you may add a few spoons of liquid to let the saffron steep and release more flavor and coloring. 

    The best way to start your recipe is to grind the saffron first and let it steep for 30 minutes to about 1 hour in the liquid. This will help enhance the flavor and color of saffron in your recipe.


    Saffron milk / water

    Many of the most typical methods for incorporating saffron into a recipe is to soak it in water, similar to a tea. This is a simple approach that only requires time and heat to complete. I begin by crumpling the filaments between my fingers and then covering them with a couple of teaspoons of warm water or milk, perfect if you wanna bake.

    Directly to dishes

    Without the need for a blooming step, recipes that utilize a lot of liquid and take a long time to simmer can bring out the flavor and color of saffron. Dishes like risotto alla Milanese and bouillabaisse have enough liquid and simmering time to bring out the subtle tastes of saffron with only a little added and no additional prep.

    The secret is to add the saffron early in the cooking process, giving it enough time to bloom in the broth. Some recipes also call for dry toasting or oil toasting the saffron first, which makes the stamens more brittle and therefore more likely to break apart in the stew or paella.

    What is saffron?

    Saffron is a high-end, natural spice known for its exotic aroma, distinct flavor, and striking color. Its rich aroma and flavor enhance any recipe.

    Saffron is one of the most valuable spices on the planet. Because of its delicate flavor and vivid golden color. Only three stigmas are present in each saffron bloom, and they may only be plucked by hand. After that, each stigma is manually separated from the saffron flower and dried. Because of this time-consuming procedure, saffron is one of the most expensive and sought-after spices in the world.

    How to cook with saffron? 6 recipe ideas

    Saffron chicken

    This dish is one of the most popular saffron dishes you can do. First of all, it is a Mediterranean dish with saffron, so you're going to cook something special. The saffron aroma and flavor mixed with chicken can improve every recipe you know. The sweet aroma of saffron it’s going to make the chicken taste sweetness, so give them a chance.

    Saffron risotto

    This Saffron Risotto is one of the only risottos you'll be able to make but feels additionally uncommon and is fantastically comforting. Prepared in a fair 30 minutes this risotto can be served as a healthy primary or comforting side dish.

    Saffron rice

    Saffron rice makes supper additional uncommon and is about as simple to create as regular rice. You do not have to claim a rice cooker to form this formula. The rice is bubbled in a pot on the stove but tastes exceptionally comparable to steamed rice. And, not at all like most saffron rice formulas, this one is fat free.

    Saffron sauce

    The saffron sauce can be used with rice (such as a risotto perhaps), lamb/mutton dishes, chicken or seafood dishes, but try to avoid pairing it with strong tastes or it lessens the impact; it's a complex taste best enjoyed with a simple pairing. Also, the taste in this recipe is more floral and aromatic than spicy.

    Saffron cake

    The saffron milk cake with its spongy texture is a crowd favorite. A really extravagant heat that nourishes a swarm, this pudding-cake takes after tres leches but the drain douse is implanted with flower, hearty saffron. The wipe cake is light and breezy sufficient that it can drink up the sweet and velvety drain blend without a long splash time.

    Saffron pasta

    If you're looking for a special dish for any occasion, even those busy weekends, this creamy saffron pasta dish is perfect for you. Easy to make and could be ready in 30 minutes, this particular dish needs a very good quality organic saffron to improve the flavor and color.


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