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'Sunday with'

Sunday is our favorite day for self-care in any form, reflection, intentional gatherings and cooking. Our 'Sunday with..' is a way to share these rituals with each other and be inspired.

Tell us about you and what do you do? 
Maggie: My name is Maggie and I’m a tax consultant and co-owner of a restaurant named Shanghai Papa. 
Leila: I'm Leila and I’m a tax consultant and mother to Arshan. 


Favorite saffron recipe you would like to share? 
M: My favorite recipe to make is saffron oatmeal for my son, Ace. He recently turned one and I want to give him nourishing foods. I also love having saffron ice cream!  
L: When I have time, I love making lamb stews with saffron and otherwise saffron risotto with mushrooms. Growing up in a Persian household, meant eating a lot of foods that include saffron as one of the main flavors.  

What is one of your favorite food rituals you can't live without? 
M: Drinking herbal teas, it’s something I grew up with and very ingrained into Chinese culture. Each blend of herbal tea has its own health benefits.  
L: I drink my herbal teas every day, sometimes that includes a blend with saffron and cardamom.  


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