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Saffron Peach Jam

An earthy flavor and fragrance.


  • 2 tsp saffron (25 threads)
  • 6lb of peaches 
  • Sugar (40% of the weight of your fruit) 
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice  
  • ½ tbsp salt 

Make the magic happen 

  • Start with blanching the peaches: Bring a pot of water with the salt to a boil. Prepare an ice bath at the same time. Score the peaches with the end of your knife and create a X shape, don’t cut too deeply in the flesh though. Boil the peaches for 1 minute and then transfer the peaches to the ice bath. Remove the skin of the peaches using your hands. Place the skinned peaches on a cutting board and start slicing them. 
  • Grind about 25 threads (2 pinches) of saffron with your mortar and pestle. You can add sugar to ease the grinding.  
  • In a cast iron pot, place all your ingredients (the cut peaches, lemon juice, sugar and saffron). Cook over medium heat. Stir well, so all the ingredients should be mixed together. You can cook the jam for about 35 minutes on medium heat or when it has reached about 99C. Remove from heat and test the jam by placing a spoonful on a plate, run your finger through it. If the liquid doesn’t run back together, it’s good to go. Use the canning technique to preserve the jam. 


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