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Saffron Threads 10g


Moonflowers offers the super negin – which is a long stemmed, deep red, and strongly flavored saffron. Moonflowers premium saffron does not contain orange or yellow threads and does not have crumbs.


Clinical research shows that saffron improves your mood, has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in antioxidants that help your body resist stress. Saffron is known to improve skin complexion.

Saffron flower stigma.

Moonflowers offers the super negin – long stemmed, deep red, and strong fragrance and distinctive color. Our premium quality saffron elevates your recipes and improves your mood.


When you steep the threads in water, it should gradually turn into a deep, golden orange.


Many authorities describe the smell of saffron as sweet, pungent, honey-like


While saffron smells sweet, it has a soft and velvety taste.

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Saffron Threads 10g

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Bradley S.
United States United States

Sensational product

Scott H.
United States United States

Its different from the walmart type we also bought but a very good tea for relaxation and a flavorable aroma

Patrick G.
United States United States
Great value and Exceptional quality

The saffron is of exceptional quality. I have used saffron for decades and this is by far the best quality saffron I have ever used.

Emma W.
Argentina Argentina
This saffron is amazing

This is the second time I have asked, the quality really is of a much higher level than what you can get here in Arkansas.

Moonflowers Co Moonflowers Co